A Trill a Minute: Fun Facts for the Digital Mind

February 22nd, 2011 by Jim Burns

2010 was a “banner” year as U.S. Internet users eyeballed 4.9 trillion “display” advertisements. Conspiracy theorists might be interested to know that the Federal Government’s debt load increased by a similar $4.8 trillion. Coincidence?

Out of those 4.9 trillion display ads a little over a trillion of them were served up on Facebook, making them the first online publisher to pass the 1 trillion mark! Here were the top 2010 online publishers for ‘ads displayed.’

In other fun facts for the digital mind did you know that 20% of email sent by retailers is now opened on a mobile device?

Speaking of retailers, the Monday after Thanksgiving 2010 saw online retail sales top $1 billion for the first time ($1.028 billion according to comScore).

In fact, online retailers sold $142.491 billion worth of merchandise in 2010, up from $129.797 in 2009. A lot of that might be attributed to the fact that 84% of Internet users made at least 1 online purchase in the 4th Quarter of 2010. In 2009, only 69% of users made at least one retail purchase.

With business like this to help, the U.S economy has again reached its 2007 levels. To get back to those levels, we saw:

The Federal Funds Rate go from 4.5% to 0%

The federal government’s balance Sheet expand by more than $1.5 trillion

The printing of M2 money supply of around 1 trillion dollars

The expansion of federal government debt of 4.8 trillion dollars

Instead of the Digital or Information Age perhaps we should refer to our time as Trillionigital Age? For us marketers maybe we need to be thinking in the CPZ range – Cost per Zillions!


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