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Keeping It Simple: Push versus Pull

November 12th, 2010 by Ted Huffman

As consumers we typically don’t think in offline or online terms, as those are antiquated concepts when we are navigating between offline and online invisibly.  So instead here at Ionic Media we tend to look at advertising mediums as Push versus Pull.

PUSH CHANNELS –Push channels are traditional broadcast vehicles designed to push your message out to an audience who may (or may not) be ready to receive it. Obviously TV, radio and print fall into this category, but so does display and video.  Great for broad awareness and generating large demand, but poor for being an incredibly cost-effective method.  Push marketing is valuable not just for major brand marketers, but also for smaller mom & pops.  Only through tested into Push channels can you really expand your audience and maximize your growth potential. For clients looking for significant change to their sales, Push channels are really the first place to look.

PULL CHANNELS – If Push equals broadcast media, then Pull can be categorized more as demand-driven narrowcasting.  Typically Pull channels are the conversion engine used in direct response campaigns.  Search is an ideal Pull channel, because consumers are seeking you out, not the other way around.  But even in traditional advertising, coupon programs and affiliate marketing have strong Pull capabilities. Even the old standby of the yellow-pages are great Pull examples. Also, Social Media is an ideal Pull channel because these consumers have actually self-selected that they want to have a relationship with your brand.

By breaking advertising not into offline versus online, but instead Pull versus Push, it makes integrated campaigns much easier to articulate and to manage.  Here at Ionic Media we pride ourselves on our award winning ability to manage complex integrated campaigns that leverage complementary aspects of both offline and online – and we do this precisely because we don’t view the world through an offline versus online prism. By looking at the objectives of each channel, rather than how consumers may “use” the channel, you can see you it’s easy to build a truly integrated campaign..


Ted Huffman is a founding Partner and Managing Director at Ionic Media.  He likes Half Life 2, and he lists North by Northwest among his top film picks. Learn more about him here.

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