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A Trill a Minute: Fun Facts for the Digital Mind

February 22nd, 2011 by Jim Burns

2010 was a “banner” year as U.S. Internet users eyeballed 4.9 trillion “display” advertisements. Conspiracy theorists might be interested to know that the Federal Government’s debt load increased by a similar $4.8 trillion. Coincidence?

Out of those 4.9 trillion display ads a little over a trillion of them were served up on Facebook, making them the first online publisher to pass the 1 trillion mark! Here were the top 2010 online publishers for ‘ads displayed.’

In other fun facts for the digital mind did you know that 20% of email sent by retailers is now opened on a mobile device?

Speaking of retailers, the Monday after Thanksgiving 2010 saw online retail sales top $1 billion for the first time ($1.028 billion according to comScore).

In fact, online retailers sold $142.491 billion worth of merchandise in 2010, up from $129.797 in 2009. A lot of that might be attributed to the fact that 84% of Internet users made at least 1 online purchase in the 4th Quarter of 2010. In 2009, only 69% of users made at least one retail purchase.

With business like this to help, the U.S economy has again reached its 2007 levels. To get back to those levels, we saw:

The Federal Funds Rate go from 4.5% to 0%

The federal government’s balance Sheet expand by more than $1.5 trillion

The printing of M2 money supply of around 1 trillion dollars

The expansion of federal government debt of 4.8 trillion dollars

Instead of the Digital or Information Age perhaps we should refer to our time as Trillionigital Age? For us marketers maybe we need to be thinking in the CPZ range – Cost per Zillions!


James P. Burns  |  Email Marketing Manager





A Bubble in Complacency By John Mauldin | January 29, 2011

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When You Review Your Online Advertising Budget, Remember that . .

October 18th, 2010 by Jim Burns

Americans have access to about 5,500 magazines…but over 1 billion web pages.

In the last 25 years US newspaper circulation has fallen by about 7 million, while in the past five years readers of online newspapers has grown by over 30 million.

In the past year advertising in both newspapers and magazines has declined about 18% and 15% respectively, while online advertising spend has increased by about 9% over the same time. Advertising to mobile devices is up about twice that amount.

Facebook passed the 500 million-member mark this summer. It’s online population, about the size of Brazil and Indonesia combined makes it the world’s third most populous “country.”

Facebook Users share more than 30 billion pieces of information every month.

According to Google Finance, “Facebook runs more banner advertisements than any other Web site (176 billion a quarter) and drives more US visitor traffic to some sites than even Google.”

Twitter, has 130 million registered users – about the population of Japan. Membership grows by over 300,000 per day.

People “tweet” more than one billion times per month and search the site over 800 million times a day.


Plan accordingly!

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It’s All Relative

June 18th, 2010 by Ted Huffman

I recently ran into a situation where another company staked a claim: We increased total sales by 600%! And this type of claim is not unique – I may actually venture to say that it’s the most common type of spin out there today.

Increasing your daily conversions from 1 to 6 is a 600% increase after all. But most people are looking for bigger, greasier pieces of the pie.

The savvy marketer is always on the lookout for said claims because we know that it really depends on the scale of the campaign. Whenever confronted with this type of scenario ask for the hard data. Would you prefer to grow your smallest channel from 1 to 6 sales/week, resulting in 600% growth, or your largest channel by a mere 10%, from 10,000 to 11,000 sales/day? Go one step further and assign an actually revenue variable to that, and it turns into something even more tangible (like that cute little sailboat you’ve had your eye on).

So next time your marketing manager tells you about xx% growth, don’t be afraid to ask to peak around the curtain and get the hard data. It’s all relative in the end.

Dee Dee Paeseler
Client Account Manager
Ionic Media

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