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    White PaperA Landing Page is a specialized page or microsite (with limited navigation) that directly addresses the needs of your user. It focuses your user's attention on a single productive path of action and is designed to maximize your conversion rate (usually from paid advertising like PPC search campaigns)

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  • Interview with Mary Kingsley Huffman, Internet & Computer Guide

    May/June 2008

    On your website it says that you are a founding partner at Ionic Media, how did it all begin and how were you involved?

    Back in 2002, a group of executives at GoTo/Overture (now Yahoo Search Marketing) decided to take a break and we left Overture to start something new. We'd been part of the birth of the PPC search industry and we knew how hard it could be for advertisers to navigate those waters successfully.

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  • Tempest in a D-Cup

    Media Post - Feb 4, 2004MY 16-YEAR-OLD SON GREG MISSED it. The Super Bowl halftime show was dragging a bit so by the time Janet Jackson experienced her costume malfunction, Greg was focusing on scooping up the very last glistening glob of guacamole rather than on watching my friend's 60-inch HDTV screen.

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  • Where are all the Young Men Going?

    Media Post - Nov 11, 2003THE NETWORK POLICE BUSTED ZACH last night. It wasn't pretty. Six guys, one from each broadcast network, forced their way into his college dorm room, rapidly making their way around the three-legged sofa, the lava lamp, and the box of bootleg DVDs.

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  • Climbing Mt. Ranier

    Media Post - June 19, 2002SEVERAL MONTHS AGO WILL HODGMAN, CEO of AdRelevance, recommended I read The Worst Journey in the World, a book about an expedition to the South Pole that took place almost a hundred years ago. Will lives in Seattle, is an accomplished rock- and mountain climber, and accounts of hazardous adventure appeal to him.

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  • Who's IMing me?

    Media Post - Apr 17, 2002THE LITTLE WINDOW THAT POPS up on my screen asks whether I wish to accept an instant message from NYRicanPimp4Life. To the best of my knowledge I don't believe I've had the pleasure of having been introduced to Mr. NYRicanPimp4Life, so I decline his offer to communicate with me.

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  • Cafe in Carricou

    Media Post - Mar 13, 2002AT DANIELAS PIZZERIA + INTERNET the connection is only a dial-up, but the pizza is memorably tasty and the view, as you're checking your email, is gorgeous. You sit on a rickety wooden chair while your usage minutes are tracked by one of those wind-up egg timers.

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  • Attack of the Killer AOL Disks

    Media Post - Feb 13, 2002ONE OF THE OBSOLETE MEANINGS of rage is insanity. Last night, on what is usually a tranquil six-block walk home from the subway, I clearly understood the relationship of those two words as I witnessed a half-dozen boys attack and I mean ATTACK pedestrians with, yes, AOL CD-ROMs. Really.

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